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The people of Kenya are to be congratulated for the peaceful elections on March 4, which was devoid of violence. Two weeks since the elections, which by most accounts went remarkably well, uncertainty hangs over the entire elections pending the outcome of legal challenges by Raila Odinga to the announced results. The lack of violence in the first phase of the election could be germane for elections in the rest of Africa. At the same time, the election became a referendum on the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was a major campaign issue.

Another topic in this issue is the apparent difficulties of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in meeting its mandated challenges. The organization lacks the capacity and the capability to engage in peacekeeping operations, especially with the weakness displayed in Guinea-Bissau and Mali. Perhaps, ECOWAS tottering performance could be an indication of the lack of strong leadership in the region, or managerial difficulties at the highest echelons of the ECOWAS’ Commission.

Shola J. Omoregie

March 2013


About africapeacesupport

Former Representative of the United Nations SecretaryGeneral in Guinea-Bissau and Head of UNOGBIS.
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